God’s Wrath on COGIC, Including the Black Church

eldercogic_earl_kimbrewElder Ronald Earl Kimbrew is taking holiness out of COGIC.  Although, ministers of all titles have always been is their secret closets of homosexuality, this so-called man of God is boldly turning the Church of God in Christ into a homosexual empire. Note:  You can also read more about this on this blog: http://gcmwatch.wordpress.com/2009/01/19/yahoo-gay-ministers-group-founded-by-cogic-elder/This hypocrite is growing a Yahoo Group into  an eventually 1000 membership for “down low” bi, trans gender and homosexual men. Isn’t this scary?  To think of almost 800 men are a part of this Yahoo homosexual group who are a part of COGIC denomination?  (This Yahoo Group reminds me of the private home where well known ministers of mega ministries like Bishop TD Jakes and Bishop Eddie L. Long secretly enjoy meeting other men and young men for secret affairs.) They preach against homosexuality, but many of their ministers are boldly founding their own organizations, instead of being honest like Bishop Yvette Flunder and Bishop Walter Hawkins among other openly gay ministries.  He and others would rather be hypocrites and remain in COGIC.  Pretty soon, this organization will be fellowshipping with gay ministries while yet boasting of being an offspring of COGIC, because they do not desire to leave COGIC and lose their title and status.  It’s so sad, a lot of these 800 men could be married men, grandfathers or even well recognized Bishops we for so long respected and listened to their sermons against homosexuality.

COGIC, the Church of God In Christ was founded by the late Bishop Charles Harrison Mason in 1897, a man of holiness who prayed on his knees day and night, teaching his followers to be separate from the world while serving God in pure holiness.  Back in those days, Bishop Charles Mason was supposedly a God-fearing man who had a close relationship with God in the midst of severe racism, segregation and separatism.  He taught his followers the power of prayer and pure sanctification.  Back in those days, there were strict regulations in dress code and the way COGIC followers worship; therefore, there was extreme discipline and high respect for God in His house.  These days, COGIC is following the ways of the world with the hip-hop and seductive dancing, which may entice many hidden pedophiles within the organization.  COGIC is following big shots like Bishop TD Jakes and other interdenominational mega ministries, instead of respecting  what the foundation the organization was built on over 100 years ago.

pastor_ronald_paige_murderAfter over 100 years of meeting in Memphis once a year for the national convocation, the word is out that they will be relocating this national event to St. Louis Missouri.  This is no shock, since the murder of the late Pastor Ronald Paige who was the leader of Earle, now Cornerstone COGIC church of Earle, Arkansas, but resided in Memphis, Tennessee.  He was found murdered in his home and his body was decomposed days later.  Pastor Ronald Paige was murdered by a homeless man who reported that Pastor Ronald Paige attempted to rape him after getting him drunk with beer.  Neighbors even reported to authorities that Pastor Ronald Paige was known for carrying up cases of beer to his apartment and always bringing homeless men up to his place.  ronald-paiges-murderAfter this case was aired on national television and local news several grown men confessed that the homeless 21 accused murderer was telling the truth, because they were also molested as young boys by Pastor Ronald Paige, but their parents complaints were ignored by the late Bishop LT Walker of Arkansas back in the 1980s and the late Bishop GE Patterson and his father who many times preached that those who are abused need to just forget about it, rather than speak out.   This must be one of the main reasons they would not desire to meet in Memphis, especially after the death of Bishop GE Patterson.  I want to remind you that the late Pastor Ronald Paige was married for many years with children, but his wife did not reside at his apartment with him.

Now, in the case of Pastor Kimbrew and prior case of the late Ronald Paige along with cases of molestation in Kentucky and Maryland, Bishop Charles Blake is also ignoring complaints and lawsuits against the COGIC organization.



  1. Hi, good post. I have been wondering about this topic,so thanks for sharing. I’ll certainly be subscribing to your blog. Keep up the good work

    • whatchoosay

      Thank you for the comment. Please keep up with us for more news.

  2. how do you know these men are gay? i am not posting a mean comment, i am just asking a question. have you seen them with other men?
    just want to know, how you know. if they are, they are. i am not defending or accusing them.

    • whatchoosay

      We know that they are gay because of inside information we have. This is not an accusation but a fact. The COGIC church and many other denominations have been secretly committing these acts against children and adults that have not consented. Check the facts online about this- its very shocking to say to say the least.

  3. sadsista

    There is no doubt that homosexuality is a sin according to God’s Word. But true saints of God can’t stop what has to be fulfilled – we help others get saved and stay save ourselves. The end is near – Jesus will soon return and no one who practices sin will go back with him – no one, not judging just a fact. COGIC is weakening as whole because she’s become worldly, listening to the voices of hip hop, dancing, rap, feminism – all ungodliness. Our fathers, mother, sons and daaughters are caught up in Satan’s wickedness.

    • whatchoosay

      This is the best comment we have had in a while. You are really telling it like it is. God Bless you!

  4. whatchoosay

    The two are connected, if people live like it in their own life. So read about the individual and do not protect their entire homosexual community.

  5. SARAH

    i have been cogic for 25 years and this is the first time that I am hearing of this mess. i recently learned that Blake endorsed some sort of human rights act that is for gay marriage and he also endorsed Obamas health care reform. COGIC is supposed to uplift holiness…what happened? how in the world can COGIC turn so anti christ…Bishop Mason would roll over in his grave if he knew what he started has been destroyed. SMH

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