Bishop T. D. Jakes Is Slick Removing His Earring

Did you know T. D. Jakes has tried to get his photos fixed so people will not know he wore and earring to his daughter, Sarah’s wedding. Why? Isn’t it too late? Why erase what has already been seen by millions of people. Although, he has attempted to camouflage those photos, he realizes that too many have gotten into the hands of other people.

Furthermore, we hope Bishop T. D. Jakes has enjoyed the fame of showing off at his daughter’s wedding, one month after George Bush daughter’s wedding. Also, we hope Bishop T. D. Jakes has enjoyed his fortune of being able to do what most black fathers cannot do, walk their daughters down the aisle at such a very young age, before her virginity is gone. Speaking of fortune, most black fathers are dead and would not even have interest to be so fortunate as Bishop T. D. Jakes…off of other people’s money.

Be encouraged, we’ll show you how to do the same thing through cash gifting…Mkay?


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