Defense for Deceased Choir Director Donald Young vs. Larry Sinclair

donald_young2Deacon Donald Young was one of the last best choir directors of good traditional gospel music. He was well known to many at his church: Trinity United Church of Christ. He was 47 years young and an openly confessed gay black man. Donald Young was also a fourth grade teacher and was preparing to attend graduate school to become a school principal.

For someone to murder Donald Young has been a great devastation to his family, church and many who loved him. He was diversely talented and destined to consider those who were like him. For the late Donald Young to be caught up in a mystery of gay men enduring such hatred for living their lifestyle of same sex relations, is not fair. Of course, a lot of gays and lesbians who are African American continue to suffer persecution by their own race of people while enduring racism like the rest, but in Chicago, Illinois there have been several cases of murdered gay black men. That is a place where there is so much severe animosity against those who mind their own business and enjoy being with the same sex. Donald Young who was a gay activist, did not deserve what happened to him and neither does he deserve to be lied on by Larry Sinclair, an estranged man who wants to stretch his story regarding his imaginary sexual encounter with Senator Barack Obama. Donald Young may have been a victim of a serial crime, but he indeed was a victorious man who enjoyed serving his church while helping children learn. He also was a brave man who suffered persecution by his on race like many other homosexuals. No longer, does his memory deserve to be caught in lies of a sex and drug scandal that is made up by a stranger, Larry Sinclair. He already suffered enough physical pain and misery while slain in his South Side apartment.

It is extremely relevant to respect Mr. Donald Young as though he is yet alive, because people never die, they yet remain with us.

It is said that Donald Young’s valuable jewelry and Christmas presents were stolen, which is probably the same probability of missing possessions that was stolen from the other gay victims, who were also mysteriously murdered in the city of Chicago.


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