Choir Director Donald Young’s Murder in Larry’s Sinclair’s Mess

Donald Young was not the only gay black man to be a victim of a hate crime. Several black gay men have been harassed and attacked in Chicago, Illinois. Donald Young was definitely a victim of what already had been occurring before his death. Therefore his murder is wrongfully entangled in Larry Sinclair imaginary thrill. Larry Sinclair chose Donald Young just so he would have a better chance to be heard, since no one was previously listening to his claim and he was being ignored by Senator Barack Obama’s committee on a false claim that never even occurred back in 1999.

Donald Young’s murder is another case of gay bashing in black America. The statistics of homophobic blacks are very high in the black families, churches and communities across America. For this very reason, the late Donald Young (deacon and choir director) was a courageous activist to stop the hatred in the black race. His attacker had to be someone who lives his life to kill gay black men and Larry Sinclair has done nothing more to assist the focus to be taken off the serial killer.  This is not only unfair to Donald Young and his family, but very unfair to Senator Barack Obama who has never met Larry Sinclair.


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