A Response To The Last Person Who Wanted So Bad To Post A Comment…

Second Killer in World Champion Boxer, Vernon Forrest Murder Caught. Contact America’s Most Wanted or The Atlanta Police if you have any information on where the other 2 suspects maybe hiding at.


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DeMario Ware Killed World Champion Boxer Vernon Forrest

DeMario Ware is one of the black people who is responsible for ruining the image of Atlanta and disrespecting the history of the civil rights movement led by the late Dr. Martin Luther King. This youngster is just one of the thousands who hate their own race.

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Atlanta, The Black Mecca: A Place Where Vernon Forrest Was Murdered?

Atlanta, The Black Mecca: A Place Where Vernon Forrest Was Murdered? Atlanta, Georgia has been falsely uplifted by African Americans, but the truth must be told, it is a place of death. Unknowingly, by the thousands, African Americans flocked there to escape wherever they are from to live a better life. Black folks go to Atlanta every year, and end up dead.

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God’s Wrath on COGIC, Including the Black Church

Elder Ronald Earl Kimbrew is taking holiness out of COGIC. Although, ministers of all titles have always been is their secret closets of homosexuality, this so-called man of God is boldly turning the Church of God in Christ into a homosexual empire. Note: You can also read more about this on this blog: http://gcmwatch.wordpress.com/2009/01/19/yahoo-gay-ministers-group-founded-by-cogic-elder/.

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Black Folks, After America’s Black President

African American women who are destroying each other after President Barack Obama is the first black President of the United States. The black race is letting down President Barack Obama, because they are wasting their time killing each other with insults, gossip, mischief as well as physical abuse.

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Jennifer Hudson at Super Bowl 2009

Jennifer Hudson, a true warrior sings at Super Bowl 2009. She is a true example of why we should not look down during this recession or while enduring any situation of failure in our own lives.

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Presidential Inauguration 2009 was Awesome

Presidential Inauguration 2009 was not just a dream, but a reality that was once Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream.

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No Cursing on Blogs Church Folks

Are you crazy, Marilyn???  Also, are you really saved?  You see, this is a perfect example of church folks using profanity while claiming to be born again Christians.  We refuse to accept any comments from church folks who are suppose to be saved cursing like a running faucet.  If you are truly saved, then you would not be bragging on how you are black and attend a white church that has plenty of DL situations.  We will not accept your comment or anyone else’s comment who claims to attend church while claiming to be a born again christian while cursing on our blog.  Do Not Curse on this blog or anyone else’s blog and do not spam anymore.  DO YOU UNDERSTAND!!!  By the way, why don’t you get a life, rather than getting mad at people who write blogs.  If you had a life, you wouldn’t be wasting your time, cursing in the name of God over the truth.  How dare you?!!!

Bishop Weeks and His New Church???

Bishop Weeks new church, The Prophet’s House. It’s not God’s House, it’s Bishop Weeks place for attendees to worship and give praise to him.

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Jennifer Hudson’s Mother and Brother Found Dead

Jennifer Hudson’s Mother and Brother Found Dead

This is a shock to everyone.  Of course, we all know Chicago is a horrible place to live, but such violence to attack on of our very favorite entertainer’s loved ones is difficult to except.  Jennifer Hudson was very close to her mother, Darnell Donerson and some lunatic murderer even killed her brother, Jason, then- kidnapped her 7 year old nephew, Julian King which is the son of her sister Julia.  William Balfour, 27, has been taken into custody and is being questioned by authorities, but so far has not confessed to the crimes.

Jennifer Hudson was discovered on American Idol and has starred in Dream Girls and a new movie with Queen Latifah and Alicia Keyes, The Secret Life of Bees.  Jennifer Hudson has been recently engaged to David Otunga.



Where is God In Black Churches these days?

Does God exist in the black church or is it nothing more than a night club of gun violence, body shakers and billion dollar funds spoiling the lifestyles of so-call men and women of God.

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Bishop Weeks & His Global Destiny

Bishop Thomas Weeks III as he reminds us, is leading a flock of dumb people. How can they continue to follow this man, after all the lies he’s told and announcing this dumb contest for a new wife is like cow manure on top of a German chocolate cake. I mean, come on folks, this childish black male is not a man of God. He acts as though he is in a contest with Juanita Bynum just so he can get some publicity and make more money. What real man of God will lie before millions of BET listeners and deny his sexuality? What real man of God would say it is okay to do perverted acts with your love mate all sorts of ways in the elevator? What real followers of God would follow Bishop Thomas Weeks, after the way he disrespected Dr. Juanita Bynum? This sort of reminds me of a lot of women who will go against another woman for another man, just because they do not like her or vice versa. How weak and low can they go?

Bishop Thomas Weeks is a hypocrite and he is leading his church into the depths of hell. Global Destiny is suppose to belong to God, not Bishop Weeks. God’s Global Destiny is not suppose to be lead by a perverted man who is aiming to publicly hurt his ex-wife’s feelings. This man is full of hate, so this is a main sign he is not of God, but a deceitful child of Satan.

Will Smith Sees Prostitutes?


When we heard about this, we were just as shocked as you were.  Will Smith, the family man who was raised in Philly, married to Jada Pinkett and makes blockbuster movies.  Yes, that’s the guy.  He tried to make the Hollywood Madam promise she would not tell his business, but he was so hungry to fulfill his appetite, he went on and became a john.  WIll Smith, the Scientologist who just built a school to convert young innocent children into the cult, he was naughty.

Will Smith spares time to see protitutes, rather than always being in front of a movie camera making millions to help pay for his wife, Jada Pinkett’s plastic surgery.  Now, that he and his wife are both Hollywood stars, they must keep on reminding us they are are millionaires with secret lifestyles.


President Bush Offering Another Stimulus Check?

President Bush is giving hardworking Americans stimulus checks. Can you believe this?

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Tonex, Tonex, Tonex Turn Gay

Tonex is using the gay church movement for another publicity stunt. He wants so much fame and attention like any other gospel artist these days. Read.

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Bishop Weeks Homosexual Affairs While Looking For A Wife

I wanted to tell him “Negro, go comb yo’ nappy head!” (Look at his head in that photo.)
Bishop Thomas Weeks Homosexual Affairs & Looking For a Wife. Honey Hush!! He ought to quit. He is living a life of being a hypocrite while enjoying his lavish lifestyle of fortune. How he gets his cash? Just stay tuned, we’ll eventually tell you how he’s doing. Anyway, Bishop Thomas Weeks has been having discreet affairs with men before, during and after his marriage to Dr. Juanita Bynum. Now, a man who stumps a woman in her private area. Right? He does and the next woman who wins his stupid contest is just going to be dumb as Duh! Any woman who is desperate to be the new and next Mrs. Weeks is desperate.

Now, you know and I know Bishop Weeks was handcuffed in pink handcuffs and if the officers could tell what he was then, it should not be so hard for you to see is, he is as sweet as black molasses and just as mean against women as a sour tart. Bishop Thomas Weeks is still enjoying his secret affairs with men, but many people are fooled by his effort to find a new wife. This man is on fire to make himself look straighter than a sewing needle and he wants to stick himself each and every time, he thinks about his silly lies he told about his prior marriage to Dr. Juanita Bynum and denial of his homosexual affairs with men. Bishop Thomas Weeks know everybody knows, but if a woman do not know, she needs help. If you look at Bishop Weeks website, the type of woman he is looking for is any other race other than black, ’cause the little photos on his website tell it all. He wants to blend in with the times while covering up his secret homosexual affairs with several men.



Who Will Paula White Marry Next?

Who Will Paula White Marry Next? Since it has been said Paula White and her husband Pastor Randy White divorced, it will not surprise us who she will try to get with next. There has been news she has been sleeping around and making advances to black men. She has been hanging with Donald Trump, hmm-that won’t surprise us, either. Paula White has not lived up to being a woman upholding her standards, since it has been said she has attempted to have a night with Pastor Ron Gibson, the married pastor of Life COGIC in Riverside, California. This is not just a rumor, this actually happened while they were both on tour. He resisted from her offer and left her in the hotel room. However, why should the private meeting surprise us, since all he ever invites is white women to preach at his church. Therefore, Paula White’s following proposal better not be him, since he appears to be happily married to his wife while yet receiving financial proceeds from white women who get the black folks all fired up in his congregation. Since Paula White’s “black daddy in the gospel“, Bishop T. D. Jakes is for

anything goes these days (Soul Force, a gay, lesbian and transgender organization.), do not be shocked if he approves Paula White trying to break up another marriage just to get a black man down the aisle.